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Who We Are

EDF Florida is comprised of over 250,000 members and supporters across the state.

Let's Tackle Climate Change Florida: EDF Florida


For more than 50 years we’ve been pioneers, using science and different perspectives to make the environment safer and healthier for us all. Together, we're building a better future for our State.

Latest Research

Floridians: Policy Makers Should Act On Climate Change

Image by Alessandro Bianchi

In a call to action, a clear majority – 63% - of Floridians say it’s important for Florida policy makers to take action to address climate change, according to a statewide poll conducted April 25-28, 2022 by Fabrizio Lee & Associates. Key findings show climate change is a powerful issue that can effectively keep and grow GOP support while motivating the ever-important NPA voters in Florida.

What We Do

EDF Florida finds nature-based solutions to Florida's toughest climate challenges.

Educate Lawmakers

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Advocate for Florida

Electric Car Charging Station

Effective Solutions

An EDF Florida Original Series:

Keeping Florida, Florida

Environmental Defense Fund's four-part film series entitled “Keeping Florida, Florida” showcases the urgency of Florida’s climate crisis and the opportunity state and federal leaders have to build long-term resilience for the state’s communities, economy and ecosystems. EDF is releasing the series in individual installments, each featuring different regions of the state and unique perspectives from local leaders discussing on-the-ground climate impacts and highlighting solutions that address these risks.



The need for building long-term resilience against these threats to Florida’s communities, economy and environment have never been more pressing than they are now.


Send a message to our leaders to support natural infrastructure that protects communities and infrastructure from flooding while keeping Florida, Florida.


We need you to stand with us to fight climate change, protect vulnerable wildlife and their habitats, and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from toxic pollution and harmful household chemicals.

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