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Installing Solar Panel


Solar energy can help make Florida more resilient and protect vulnerable residents. Strong policies and investments in solar energy benefiting Florida families should include:

  • Safeguard net metering to ensure homeowners and businesses are fairly paid for energy they generate to offset startup costs.

  • Allow systems servicing universities, school districts, local governments and businesses to benefit from net metering, become resilience hubs and save taxpayer dollars.

  • Establish statewide solar/renewable energy targets.

  • Create a pathway to energy independence.

The Numbers

Image by Bill Mead

450,000 Florida Homes are Powered by Solar Energy

Image by Anders J

71% of Floridians Support the Expansion of Solar Energy

Image by micheile dot com

More than $5 Billion Each Year is Exported for Florida's Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Image by Christian Dubovan

Florida Uses Almost 8x as Much Energy as It Produces

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Why is my electric bill so high?

Learn more about Florida's need for an energy security plan.

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