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Electric Vehicles

Now more than ever, voters are supporting clean energy goals and production in the US. EVs provide a clean energy alternative as well as a lower overall cost of ownership for Floridians. Florida must lead on policies that help us meet EV market needs and infrastructure.

  • Develop goals, objectives and targets to advance alternative fuels and EV adoption, including plans to electrify school buses and transit fleets.

  • Ensure that charging infrastructure with Southeast regional stakeholders and states is coordinated to expedite hurricane evacuation, freight shipping and other shared goals.

  • Ensure that no burdensome fees create a barrier to acquiring electric vehicles for consumers, businesses and local governments.

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Electric School Buses vs Propane: Cleaner, Cheaper, Safer

School districts around the country are making the choice to use electric school buses because they are more fuel efficient, cheaper on a lifetime basis, and above all, they are the safest option for children because they do not release direct tailpipe pollution.

Electric School Buses: The Economic Case

Electric school buses will save Florida schools money. The fuel cost of $0.16 per mile is less than half of the cost of propane, CNG, or diesel.

Electric Vehicles & Extreme Weather

Electric vehicles (EVs) play an important role as Florida looks for ways to increase resilience to catastrophic storms, reduce transportation costs and reduce air pollution.Currently, Florida ranks 2nd in the nation in EV ownership with over 100,000+ EVs registered in the state. In the wake of recent hurricanes, it’s important to evaluate how Floridians benefit from electric vehicles during extreme weather events.

The Numbers

Electric Car Charger

76% of Floridians Support Committing to a Statewide Clean Energy Plan


37.6% of Florida Energy Consumed is From Transportation

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65% of Floridians Support Reducing Taxes/Fees to Encourage Electric Vehicles

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