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Electric Vehicles

Now more than ever, voters are supporting clean energy goals and production in the US. EVs provide a clean energy alternative as well as a lower overall cost of ownership for Floridians. Florida must lead on policies that help us meet EV market needs and infrastructure.

  • Develop goals, objectives and targets to advance alternative fuels and EV adoption, including plans to electrify school buses and transit fleets.

  • Ensure that charging infrastructure with Southeast regional stakeholders and states is coordinated to expedite hurricane evacuation, freight shipping and other shared goals.

  • Ensure that no burdensome fees create a barrier to acquiring electric vehicles for consumers, businesses and local governments.

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The Numbers

Electric Car Charger

76% of Floridians Support Committing to a Statewide Clean Energy Plan


37.6% of Florida Energy Consumed is From Transportation

Image by Possessed Photography

65% of Floridians Support Reducing Taxes/Fees to Encourage Electric Vehicles

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