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Beach Puddles


Florida must convene local and state agencies to develop nature-based coastal solutions that protect communities and businesses from hurricanes, flooding and heat caused by sea level rise and climate change. Florida must lead on policies that prioritize nature-based solutions.

  • Support the state’s Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) with funding and resources to ensure integration and coordination of agencies on collective resilience efforts.

  • Support continued annual resilience funding of $100 million and resilience grant programs.

  • Leverage the use of natural and nature-based solutions to address coastal issues such as sea level rise, excessive rainfall, extreme heat, and storm surge.

The Numbers

Image by Torsten Dederichs

Storm Surge May Increase 50% by 2100 Due to Rising Seas and Projected Greater Storm Intensity

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Over 1.8 Million Florida Homes Have a Substantial Risk of Flooding Today - That Could Increase by Nearly 20% in the Next 30 Years

Image by Waranont (Joe)

Every $1 Invested in Building Resilient Communities and Infrastructure Saves $6 in Recovery Costs

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