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Beach Puddles


Nature-based resilience solutions developed by local and state agencies jointly provide most cost-effective approach to protect communities and businesses from increased flooding, hurricanes and sea level rise. Policy solutions include: 

  • Support the state’s Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) with funding and dedicated staff resources to support increasing investment in and coordination of Resilient Florida projects.
    ·Create a Resilience Council comprised of leads from state agencies to integrate and coordinate a whole-of-government approach to strengthen planning.

  • Enhance the Rebuild Florida Voluntary Buyout program to support at-risk communities and reduce long-term costs and insurance.


Hurricanes Ian ($112B) and Idalia ($20B) losses have cost approx. $132B


Over 1.8 million Florida homes have a substantial risk of flooding today - that could increase by nearly 20% in the next 30 years


Every $1 invested in building resilient communities and infrastructure saves $6 in recovery costs

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