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Installing Solar Panel

Energy Security

Diversifying energy supply and reducing demand will make Florida more resilient and protect Florida’s businesses and residents from volatile natural gas prices. Strong policies and investments in solar energy benefiting Florida families include:

  • Establish an Energy Independence Task Force to identify free market and other opportunities to diversify risk, improve reliability and stabilize affordable energy prices for Florida’s growing population.

  • Support draw-down of federal resources that allow Florida’s Office of Energy to advance residential energy efficiency programs, rebates and contractor trainings.

  • Ensure homeowners and businesses are fairly paid for energy they generate to offset startup costs


It costs Florida ratepayers $5B annually to import natural gas from out of state for electricity production


In 2022 solar power saved ratepayers more than $403M according to Florida’s largest utilities, while natural gas prices skyrocketed, increasing rates


Florida is home to 9 of the United States’ most polluting power plants

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Why is my electric bill so high?

Learn more about Florida's need for an energy security plan.

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