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Installing Solar Panel

Diversifying energy supply and reducing demand will make Florida more resilient and protect Florida’s businesses and residents from volatile natural gas prices. Strong policies and investments in solar energy benefiting Florida families include:

  • ·Establish an Energy Independence Task Force to identify free market and other opportunities to diversify risk, improve reliability and stabilize affordable energy prices for Florida’s growing population.
    ·Support drawdown of federal resources that allow Florida’s Office of Energy to advance residential energy efficiency programs, rebates and contractor trainings.

  • Ensure homeowners and businesses are fairly paid for energy they generate to offset startup costs

Energy Security

Florida voters overwhelmingly support the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) as a clean energy alternative and more cost-effective mode of transportation. By taking a leadership role implementing policies that support market demand and its associated infrastructure will ensure Florida is ready for the future of transportation.

  • Ensure that no new fees are imposed which unfairly punish consumers, businesses, and local governments for acquiring electric vehicles.

  • Allocate funding and establish a timeline for the State's Electric Vehicle Master Plan to ensure charging infrastructure will meet emergency and hurricane evacuation demand.

  • Update state fleet procurement to consider lowest cost over life of ownership and realize $8.7 billion in cost savings for Florida taxpayers.

Electric Vehicles

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Beach Puddles


Nature-based resilience solutions developed by local and state agencies jointly provide most cost-effective approach to protect communities and businesses from increased flooding, hurricanes and sea level rise. Policy solutions include: 

  • ·Support the state’s Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) with funding and dedicated staff resources to support increasing investment in and coordination of Resilient Florida projects.
    ·Create a Resilience Council comprised of leads from state agencies to integrate and coordinate a whole-of-government approach to strengthen planning.

  • ·Enhance the Rebuild Florida Voluntary Buyout program to support at-risk communities and reduce long-term costs and insurance.

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