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Solar Panels

Report shows pathway to reducing household energy costs by 47%

Despite low utility rates, energy costs in Florida are steadily rising, straining over two million low- and moderate-income residents. Outdated housing and systems are causing discomfort and financial distress. Sudden spikes in utility bills due to market volatility and extreme weather events worsen the situation.


New report shows climate change will impact strawberry production in Florida

In 2022, the Florida legislature created the official designation of strawberry shortcake as the State Dessert. Key lime pie advocates may yet have a second chance to emerge victorious as important new research by Environmental Defense Fund and Two Degrees Adapt signals concern for growing strawberries in the Sunshine State due to climate change.

Hurricane Ian exposed the vulnerability of rural communities

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes. As we recover from Idalia, our researchers are examining the impact Hurricane Ian had on Florida’s rural communities, highlighting our state's need for adaptive resilience strategies

Tropical Storm

New poll shows that climate change has become a personal issue

Extreme Ocean Temperatures Are Affecting Florida’s Coral Reef

Watch as Florida Director Dawn Shirreffs speaks with Nicole Besemer, Coral Scientist with NOAA to learn how extreme ocean temperatures are bleaching Florida's coral.

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