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Recent Poll Shows Climate Climbed To A #4 Issue To Florida Voters

Floridians: Policy Makers Should Act On Climate Change

Climate climbed to #4 issue to Florida voters, with majority support on policies that increase solar energy, electric vehicles, and energy independence.

In a call to action, a clear majority – 63% - of Floridians say it’s important for Florida policy makers to take action to address climate change, according to a statewide poll conducted April 25-28, 2022 by Fabrizio Lee & Associates. Key findings show climate change is a powerful issue that can effectively keep and grow GOP support while motivating the ever-important NPA voters in Florida.

“Overall, this poll shows that even in this very divisive and complicated political environment, Floridians want action by state policy makers to address climate change in the next legislative session,” said EDF Action Florida Director Dawn Shirreffs. “There is energy among Florida voters including majorities of Republicans and Independents, for policy proposals that help Florida tackle climate change.  Only time will tell if Florida policy makers are listening.”

Key Findings

25% of voters in 2022 will be voters who are politically independent, and among all these issues, they are among the strongest supporters for future action.

75% of voters agree Florida utilities are too dependent on natural gas for electricity.

76% of Floridians, including 58% of Republicans, want policy makers to create an energy independence plan for Florida.

71% support expanded solar use in the state.

Specific proposals with strong bi-partisan support include:

  • 76% support expanding solar usage on state buildings.

  • 70% support allowing businesses and organizations to finance small solar projects on their property.

  • 65% support lower taxes and fees on electric vehicles.

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